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All we love to have different apps store other than its original app store, whether it is Apple ios device or Android smart device. So people move for 3rd party app stores frequently. In that case the PandaHelper App is much better option for all ios and android users.

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Panda Helper App Store for IOS and Android

There are two versions of Panda Helper App Store for IOS and Android. Then Panda Helper Free  is the free version and Panda Helper VIP is the paid version gives all apps & games free for you.

  • Panda Helper for iOS  is available to download and install on your iphone, ipad easily with link bellow.

Panda helper ios

  • Panda Helper for  Android is available to download and install on your android phone and tablet easily with link bellow

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Pandahelper brings you…

  • Tweaked & Hacked Apps Games

This cute app brings you Modified versions of amazing apps and  Games. It also facilitate you fast download and installation for app its app and games.

  • Paid Apps brings you for free

We expand our App base every day to provide free paid Apps and comprehensive excellent Apps for iOS users. So it aims to save you a great amount of money.

  • Free of Jailbreak and login ID  

Whatever the device you have, it may be ios or the Android, you are free to use this amazing app along with its privacy and policy. Then No need any decorations to enjoy Panda Helper app.

  • Encourage device performance

This is a light weighted app. It does not take much space on your device’s capacity. But it offer you thousand of apps to keep your device better.


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Features of Panda helper

  • It is compatible with all iOS/Android devices
  • You can download it easily (VIP and Regular)
  • It is very friendly app and has colorful interface.
  • You no need computer assistance to install.
  • No need to jailbreak or rooting to install.
  • It brings you thousands of apps and games for free.
  • Leading 3rd party apps and games are available.
  • It offers regular updates for bug fixes.
  • Many other features you can see while using.


Panda Helper ios android download

What is Panda helper?

It is a pioneer 3rd party app installer to your iPhone,iPad and Android smart devices .

Is it a free App?

Yes, Panda Helper ios android download offer you Panda Helper free version to download free apps and games to your device.

What is panda Helper VIP?

It is the paid version of Panda Helper app and you can select the payment method there. Using this you can install apps unlimited times.

How to fix Panda Helper revoke issue?

Panda Helper free version is frequently subjected to this affect. But VIP version is less with this issue. Panda Helper fix app would correct this issue by reinstalling the app finely.

Is Panda helper a safe app?

Yes it is a fully safe app. It does not get you malware and harmful apps to your device.

Does Panda helper void developer’s warranty?

You no need to jailbreak or root your device. It is a side loader. So there is no reason to do so.

How to Download Panda Helper ?   DOWNLOAD APP