Panda helper Repo review

Panda helper Repo for jailbroken devices

Panda helper is your popular 3rd party app installer provides you unbeatable options to Download and install Tweaked, Hacked, and Modified Apps and Games for free on your iPhone, iPad which no Jailbreak. But Panda helper Repo comes to you by giving Panda helper experience for the users who have done Jailbreak. Simply we can introduce Panda Helper Repo is the Jailbroken version of Panda Helper.

Panda Helper Repo on iPhone, iPad.

  • Panda Helper Repo is the most compatible version for users who have Jailbroken i-Devices. The main advantage of that is no revoke. Regular version of panda helper on i-devices is more prone to revoke frequently.
  • Also using this all you need apps, Tweaks, AppSync, AFC2 are in one place with Cydia. So you no need to collect them separately.
  • Same way you can have all Panda Helper, mod Apps and games for free

Install Panda Helper Repo to your i-Device

The main requirement to install this cute app is you should have Jailbroken i-device. If you don’t have a Jailbroken i-device you can use Panda Helper free or Panda Helper VIP versions.  And if you wish to Jailbreak your device do it in safe way.

  • First Open Cydia and tap Source
  • Then  tap on Edit -> Add to add Panda Helper Repo.

  • Now add and tap on Add Source.

  •  Be patient, it takes few seconds to Panda Helper Repo adding successfully.
  • After adding Panda Helper repo you can tap on it to Open.

  • Now tap on the Install to install it.

After that you can use panda Helper to get your favorite apps and games. Enjoy…


All iPhone, iPad users can use Panda Helper Free or VIP versions to get its apps and games for free. If you want to use the Panda helper on your Jailbroken i-device, Panda Helper Repo is the dedicated version for that.  To install it, make sure your device is Jailbroken. The advantage of it is you don’t need to worry about revokes.

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